Saturday, 5 October 2013

Did I just blink and miss September?  A combination of holidays, photographic expeditions and being accepted onto a writing course are all feeble excuses that I could roll out, but won't.  

My Twitter feed has been active, so I'm not dead, just occupied with writing.  Up to 53k now.  And it feels good when you go back over words you wrote six months ago and think 'hey, this isn't bad'.  And then the dreams start.  You know the one: you are looking at a bookshop and everyone is clamouring for a copy of your book.  The Radio 4 Arts programme wants you to guest on it to explain your inspiration and people are asking when the next one will be out...

Hmm.  Even if that does happen (and I've got to finish the book first) the washing up will still need to be done.

The front of her mind became aware of something the back had been working on for months.  It was filed under 'maybe in a parallel universe'…

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